Jan 4, 2021

The best dog subscription boxes in Canada for 2021

By Cassie Dixon
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At times shopping can be quite overwhelming, especially with such a large selection of pet products. Dog subscription boxes can make shopping easier than ever! Each box contains a curated selection of toys and treats that your dog will definitely enjoy, and it's one less thing to worry about.

Dog subscription boxes will keep your pup's tail wagging, and they're also thoughtful gifts for other pet parents in your life. We reviewed all the subscription boxes in Canada and narrowed it down to the list below with the best products and overall experience. Some of the companies are Canadian and ship from Canada, while the other boxes ship to Canada from the US with applicable duties, taxes and shipping fees.

The following boxes are sold and ship from Canada, in $ CAD:

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Having served over 2 million dog owners, BarkBox is the biggest dog subscription box brand in North America. They create all their own products, and have a huge variety to choose from. You simply answer a few questions about your dog’s size and diet, and you’ll get a themed box of treats and toys for $35 a month. They even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Right now, Canadian orders are temporarily suspended but they're working on fix to get back up and running.

Pro tip: If your dog plays a bit rough sometimes, you might want to consider their Super Chewer program. Super Chewer boxes come with extra-durable fluff-free toys, to prevent trails of fuzz all over the house.

Bark Super Chewer Box

Calling all tough chewers: the Bark Super Chewer box has toys that are ready to play! They create super durable toys that stand up to even the toughest chewers. All toys are made from strong rubber and nylon. The Super Chewer box has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if the toy isn’t tough enough they will replace it, free of charge. After pet parents answer a few questions about their tough pup, they will be set up with a fun themed box that is delivered monthly. On average, the Super Chewer Box costs $39 per month, depending on what subscription plan you choose.


Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box is Canada’s #1 dog subscription box, and typically comes with at least one product from the Great White North! All boxes come with treats and toys made in Canada or USA, and come in around $35. This company understands that there all different types of dogs. That is why they have three different kinds of boxes: The Classic, The Tough Chew, and The Chew’baca box. Bowzer Box knows that shopping for your dog isn’t just a once a month thing, so their boxes come with coupons and samples to help you shop all month long and introduce you to some hidden gem boutique dog brands.


Bullymake Box

The Bullymake Box is made for the most aggressive chewers. Their durable toys and delicious treats are handpicked for each dog. The process is super easy, you answer a few questions about your dog’s weight, allergies, and toy preferences. Then you’ll get a box of super strong toys that are ready to challenge the toughest pups! Their tough nylon, rubber, and ballistic toys have been put to the test by the most extreme chewers. If the toy is not durable enough or the treat does not suit your dog’s liking, Bullymake has an 100% durability and satisfaction guarantee.

Take a look at their past boxes here!

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Cost: $39 USD/month + duties and taxes

  • Shipping: FREE

  • Best for: Extreme chewers, players, tuggers, and fetchers

  • Sample box: 2-3 tough chew toys and 2 treats


Dapper Dog Box

If there were a checklist for subscription dog boxes, The Dapper Dog Box checks everything off and then some. Cute toys and locally sourced treats? Check. Works with local animal shelters to help needy dogs? Check. Affordable? At $35 a box, that’s a check. However, what truly sets The Dapper Dog Box apart from the pack is the bandanas! Every month you get a free limited edition bandana, made for dogs of all sizes. These bandanas come in so many fun patterns, you’ll have the most stylish pup on the block all year round.

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Cost: $35 USD/month + duties and taxes

  • Shipping: $10 USD

  • Best for: Gentle and tough chewers

  • Sample box: 2 treats, 2 toys, and 1 limited edition bandana

  • Special offer: Use promo code GETDAPPER to get 30% off your first box

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Kabo delivers fresh dog food customized for your pet. This Canadian-made dog food works with a team of canine nutrition scientists to formulate fresh diets to help satisfy even the pickiest eaters without any of the bad stuff, such as artificial flavours or colours, and even sources their ingredients locally. Dog owners are able to place orders online for gently fresh cooked meals or locally-sourced fresh dry that starts at $60/month. You can adjust your dog food subscription to update recipes, portions and shipping frequencies any time through your account page. Currently, Kabo offers free delivery across Canada.

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Cost: Starting at $60 CAD/month + taxes

  • Shipping: FREE

  • Best for: Picky eaters or those seeking healthy choices

  • Sample box: 2 flavours of your choice for 2 weeks

  • Special offer: Use promo code PAWZY to get 50% off your first box

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Pug Box

Calling all pug parents, we have an exclusive box that will make your pug's curly tail wag. Introducing the Pug Box: a box full of tasty treats, entertaining toys, and other amazing products that are hand-selected for your pup. The Pug Box is built to suit a pug with a pug-themed gift in every box! Also, each month the box is built around a different theme to provide endless fun for you and your dog. Pug Box uses high quality toys and healthy treats in their boxes to ensure the happiness and healthiness of all pugs subscribed to their box.



PupBox isn’t just about treating your dog, (although there are plenty of toys and treats) it's a subscription box specifically designed to help you raise your puppy. Each box contains toys, treats, chews, and accessories, that are handpicked to best suit your pup! In addition to locally sourced treats and toys, each box comes with a training guide designed to help you and your puppy navigate your way through growing up. They come with cute accessories too, made to fit your fast growing fur baby. Pricing starts at $29 a month.

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PupJoy is a fun-filled box perfect for any dog looking to have some fun. Their box contains healthy, high-quality dog products that will be sure to please your pup. Once you are a part of the pack you will answer some questions about your dog. Then they will create a customized shopping experience. They also provide pet parents with eco-friendly packaging and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. PupJoy is an extremely flexible box that even allows pet parents to customize their own deliveries. Instead of curated goods, pet parents can choose any number of toys, chews, and supplements.

Super PawBox

Super PawBox

Super PawBox is a Toronto-based company that provides a monthly box for dogs customized based on their age, weight, and unique characteristics.  Each box contains 5-6 items and comes with 2 bags of treats, toys, accessories and a training guide for puppies for around $40 per month. The mission of the company is two-fold: first, helping new puppy parents get their dogs tail wagging and secondly, to give back to rescues.  Super PawBox donates a portion of every sale to rescues.



The Tailwagco subscription box is a great Canadian way to spoil your pup! They work with all Canadian companies and brands to create their themed box. Female owned and operated, these ladies have curated a fun themed box with exciting accessories, healthy treats, and interactive toys. Tailwago offers subscription boxes for birthdays, puppies, and even dog moms! With 12 month, 6 month, and 3 month subscription options, pet parents can save up to 30% on their order!

chefbox regular


Tom&Sawyer provides freshly prepped meals for your pet with expert advice from veterinarians, pet nutritionists, chefs, nutraceutical partners, and farmers. This Canadian company ensures high-quality meals that will promote positive pet health. The process is super easy. Pet parents order online and will have broths, treats, and meals delivered to their door. Tom&Sawyer has numerous delivery options for customers living in the Greater Toronto area including in-store pick up, pick up at over 20+ Penguin Pick Up locations, and local delivery to your front door. Not from the Greater Toronto area? No problem, Tom&Sawyer also ships to customers. Made from safe ingredients Tom&Sawyer offers the perfect option for preventative nutrition for your dog.


VetPet Box

VetPet Box is owned and operated by veterinarians, so you know you can trust the products you get each month. This subscription box is more about health and wellness than just cuteness and fun. The toys and treats included in each box have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure that they’re what your dog needs to be healthy and happy. Each month you’ll also receive educational materials about training your dog and promoting good health, as well as wellness products to help with things like dental care and arthritis. Prices range from $35-49 per box.


WagWell Box

The WagWell box is a perfect option for pet parents looking to provide their pup with all-natural, healthy products. With the large selection of pet products, it can be difficult to find ones that you can trust. Not to worry, this subscription box has safe and healthy products that any dog will love! Each box contains 100% organic and all-natural toys and treats. This box will keep your dog entertained with new products each month, and not to mention super fashionable with a cute bandana!



This proudly Canadian box will not only make your dog super happy, but this company will also donate a can of dog food to a shelter with your purchase! Each month pet parents will receive a themed box filled with entertaining toys, healthy treats, and the most useful accessories! Oh and don’t forget the super cute tie or bandana! After answering a few questions about your pup's gender, size, and any dietary restrictions. Pet parents will be able to pick a box that best suits their pup. They can either have ‘The Themed WoofCrate’ with a variety of toys, chews, and treats, or they can choose ‘The Treat Enthusiast’ that is filled with treats and accessories.


Woof Pack

Join the pack by subscribing to the Woof Pack subscription box! With the Woof Pack there is no need for pet parents to shop around, or worry about the safety and quality of their dog’s toys. Each toy, chew, and treat is tested and analyzed before being sent out. This box will keep your pup busy with all natural Canadian treats and engaging toys. They even offer a Chewers Box, made for the toughest pups out there.


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