Jun 11, 2020

The 8 best dog subscription boxes in Canada

By Bryn Pottie
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Shopping can be a bigger hassle than ever these days, and that's why we love subscription boxes for dogs. Once a month, a box full of treats and toys will arrive at your door, like magic. There are also options for one-time purchases if you just want to try it out without the monthly commitment.

Dog subscription boxes will keep your pup's tail wagging, and they're also thoughtful gifts for other pet parents in your life. We reviewed all the subscription boxes in Canada and narrowed it down to seven that have the best products and best overall experience.


1. Bark Box

Having served over 2 million dog owners, Bark Box is the biggest dog subscription box brand in North America. They create all their own products, and have a huge variety to choose from. You simply answer a few questions about your dog’s size and diet, and you’ll get a themed box of treats and toys for $29 a month. They even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Right now, Canadian orders are temporarily suspended but they're working on fix to get back up and running.

Pro tip: If your dog plays a bit rough sometimes, you might want to consider their Super Chewer program. Super Chewer boxes come with extra durable fluff-free toys, to prevent trails of fuzz all over the house.


2. Pet Treater

Pet Treater offers subscription boxes for both cats and dogs. The standard Dog Pack comes with 3-4 handpicked items, and at $15 a month, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. It’s easy to customize too, with just one click you can pick “Just Toys” or “Just Treats”. All their treats are sourced from North America.


3. RescueBox

RescueBox is a subscription box that doesn’t just treat your dog, it helps less fortunate dogs everywhere. Every time you get a box, RescueBox donates five pounds of food and two vaccinations to an animal shelter in need. The boxes are competitively priced, starting at under $25 a month and come with toys and treats. Month one is your introductory box, but on your second month, you start getting themed boxes.


4. Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box is Canada’s #1 dog subscription box, and typically comes with at least one product from the Great White North! All boxes come with treats and toys made in Canada or USA, and come in around $30. Bowzer Box knows that shopping for your dog isn’t just a once a month thing, so their boxes come with coupons and samples to help you shop all month long and introduce you to some hidden gem boutique dog brands.


5. PupBox

PupBox isn’t just about treating your dog, (although there are plenty of toys and treats) it's a subscription box specifically designed to help you raise your puppy. In addition to locally sourced treats and toys, each box comes with a training guide designed to help you and your puppy navigate your way through growing up. They come with cute accessories too, made to fit your fast growing fur baby. Pricing starts at $29 a month.


6. VetPet Box

VetPet Box is owned and operated by veterinarians, so you know you can trust the products you get each month. This subscription box is more about health and wellness than just cuteness and fun. The toys and treats included in each box have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure that they’re what your dog needs to be healthy and happy. Each month you’ll also receive educational materials about training your dog and promoting good health, as well as wellness products to help with things like dental care and arthritis. Prices range from $35-49 per box.


7. The Dapper Dog Box

If there were a checklist for subscription dog boxes, The Dapper Dog Box checks everything off and then some. Cute toys and locally sourced treats? Check. Works with local animal shelters to help needy dogs? Check. Affordable? At 35 dollars a box, that’s a check. However, what truly sets The Dapper Dog Box apart from the pack is the bandanas! Every month you get a free limited edition bandana, made for dogs of all sizes. These bandanas come in so many fun patterns, you’ll have the most stylish pup on the block all year round.


8. Super PawBox

Starting at just $40 a month, the Super PawBox is a custom selection of toys and treats for your growing dog. You simply set up a profile that includes your dog's breed, age and personality traits. Then, 5-6 items arrive that are personally vetted by the Super PawBox team for quality — no duds here!


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