Sept 14, 2019

Top 10 dogs that don't shed

By Pawzy Team
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We’ll just cut to the chase and say it: dog hair on your clothes and carpets sucks. Luckily, those who want a family companion but want to spend their time cuddling rather than cleaning still have options. Every breed sheds a little, and there’s no such thing as a 100% Hypoallergenic dog—but some definitely result in less vacuuming than others! Low-shedding dogs are becoming more popular than ever. Many pet lovers identify these breeds as a livable alternative and a match made in heaven.

Low-shedding dogs may mean tossing away lint rollers, less laundry, and minimal sweeping. However, breeds identified as hypoallergenic often require more grooming than others. Since they don’t naturally remove loose hairs or blow their coat each season, frequent trips to the doggy salon will become routine. Collect your extra coins as professional groomers can get pricey!

But, at the end of the day, when you and your home isn't covered in fur, it will be well worth it! If you're seeking a non-shedding dog or if a family member is prone to allergies, we are here to help. So don’t you worry, your furry friend is out there—no itchy eyes, runny nose, or clean-up crew required. Check out this list of 10 dogs that don't shed who will fill your heart without wasting your time.

Top 10 Dogs That Don’t Shed According to the American Kennel Club


1. Poodles

Whether you’re looking for a small or big dog, a Poodle is an excellent choice. Poodles of all sizes (toy, miniature, and standard) are arguably the most famous no-shed dog breed! It's no surprise that many other breeds cross with Poodles to create the perfect, hypoallergenic pup. Constantly in the spotlight, these lovable beauties are quick learners with fun personalities! With nothing not to love, Poodles are extremely versatile and can match many lifestyles.

Yorkshire Terrier

2. Yorkshire Terriers

Developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, this toy-size pup commands attention with its floor-length glossy golden coat. However, weighing no more than seven pounds, it’s virtually impossible for the Yorkshire Terrier to shed very much. They’re also a dainty breed that likes to be brushed and kept clean. 

Miniature Schnauzer

3. Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers are the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds. They have luscious eyebrows, a beard, and the kind of face to carry both of them off. (If you think they have a stern human-like expression with these features, you’re not alone!)  They won’t, however, shed very much. Their wiry, hard coat is highly manageable with some light grooming.


4. Maltese

In the market for a puppy-slash-teddy bear? This white powder puff is a happy go lucky breed with big, beautiful black eyes, and a little button nose! After sitting on the laps of luxury for many years, Maltese are famous for being the ultimate people pleasers. They have a long, silky white coat that sheds minimally. The do need frequent brushing to avoid mats, and an occasional bath to remove any unwanted dirt.

Bichon Frise

5. Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise will be the most plush and perky cotton ball you ever did see! With a personality way bigger than their size, they love to be in the spotlight to perform and entertain. You won’t mind a Bichon doing laps around the house when they leave no trail of hair behind. Because they're non-shedding, they’re a bit high maintenance. Bichon’s hair continuously grows, requiring frequent grooming, brushing, and the occasional bathing!

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

6. Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Named after their silky coats and fluffy fur, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is adorable! Like most terriers, this breed sheds so little you'd never even notice. So lovely to touch, this soft coat needs a lot of grooming to stay at way! Not only is it cute and cuddly, it's cheerful, affectionate, and just a little bit stubborn. The sweetie Wheatie has the perfect amount of spunk to keep you on your toes.

Portuguese Water Dog

7. Portuguese Water Dogs

After residing in the White House, this high profile pup is lovable for many reasons! It’s athletic, affectionate, energetic, and most notably, hypoallergenic. Being one of the few large breeds that don't shed a crazy amount, Porties are popular for countryside folks as well as city dwellers. As long as Porties get enough exercise, they make for an amazing family companion. 

Chinese Crested

8. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested looks like a mix between a puppy, a pony, and a mythical creature—what a beautiful thing! Unique in both looks and personality, this breed is best placed in the middle of your lap. These little beauties come in two varieties: a hairless option and a powderpuff option. While neither are big shedders, if you're concerned about allergies you should opt for the hairless Chinese Crested.

Giant Schnauzer

9. Giant Schnauzers

The Giant Schnauzer is an excellent choice of dog for those with bigger things in mind! This large breed not only has brains and beauty, it’s also easy on the allergies. Being super athletic, they do best in areas they have space to roam, and fit in well with an adventurous family. Their wiry coats are water resistant and shed minimally, so you're in luck. 

Coton de Tulear

10. Coton du Tulear

What a treat it is to be around the charming and bright Coton de Tulear, a small, companion breed that are perfect for those looking for entertainment and friendship. A non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed, the Coton de Tulear is known for its soft, fluffy coat (that looks like cotton, or “coton” in French). With its cuddliness and relaxed nature, it’s a great dog for a single owner or for an energetic family with kids, as its eager-to-please and entertain.


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