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Oct 18, 2019

Gifts for every dog in your life

By Pawzy Team
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We know that 95% of Canadians consider pets to be part of the family, and that means they get holiday gifts like anyone else. If you're truly part of the #pawzyposse, you probably hang up a stocking with your dog's name on it and buy up all the treats in seasonal flavours. Don't worry, no one here thinks you're crazy. It's a magical time of year and our dogs shouldn't miss out on the fun!

Whether you're shopping for your own pup or sending a gift to another dog in your life, it's important to make sure you get the right thing. Some dogs like puzzles and others just want something to chew. Then there's the dogs that would rather sit pretty in a brand new outfit than chase a ball around. That's why we divided our gift guide into five types of dogs and found specific products that they'll love. Plus, many of the gifts are Canadian which adds a layer of local pride.


Bella the Busy Bee

For dogs that are super smart, toys with a puzzle element can help keep them busy and entertained for hours. It's a win-win for dog owners because their pups are staying physically active while also being mentally stimulated. These toys prevent destructive behaviour, combat boredom and gives the dog a sense of accomplishment when they earn their reward.

Our favourite plush option is Hide a Squirrel by Outward Hound. It's the best hide-and-seek game for dogs that love chasing squirrels around the yard. You stuff the small squeaky squirrels into the plush tree (which comes in four sizes) and watch your dog try to pull them out one by one.

Another great gift by Outward Hound is the Dog Brick. You hide treats in the compartments and sit back as your dog flips, pulls and slides the pieces around to reveal the tasty rewards. It's a game that you can play endlessly with your dog and they'll get excited every time. We also love that it's durable and easy to clean.

To make meal time more engaging for your dog, we recommend the StarMark Bob-A-Lot food dispenser. You fill up the bottom with their kibble and then the weighted anti-slip bottom causes the contraption to wobble around as your dog knocks out the food bit by bit. This toy is especially good for smart dogs that experience separation anxiety.


Charlie the Chewer

All dogs love to chew, but some really love to chew. It's a way for them to relieve stress, stay entertained and keep their jaws in working order. Without the right toys and treats, however, they can gravitate to munching on shoes and other undesirable objects. Our first pick is a dog chew that comes directly from local farmers in Nepal. Everest Dog Chews are healthy option that's free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. In fact, this all-natural treat only has four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice.

A longer-lasting option is the Hurley Chew Toy by West Paw. It floats, it bounces and it can go right into the dishwasher. What's not to love? This is a great durable toy for bigger dog breeds that love to play fetch.

For a gift that can satisfy a chewer, keep teeth clean and incorporate a puzzle element, we recommend the Chew Ball by Idepet. It's a non-toxic, bite-resistant rubber ball that you can fill with treats and then let them chew away. The little grooves will scrub in between your dog's teeth to keep them clean and promote healthy gums.


Poppy the Princess

We all think our dogs are cute, but some dogs were really meant to shine. The holiday season is a great opportunity to stock up on new pup fashion must-haves that will make your dog the centre of attention on Instagram and at the dog park. And this isn't just for small dogs — these gifts come in a wide range of sizes for almost every breed.

For a cheap and cheerful option, we love the dog bandanas by The Rover Boutique. This Canadian brand has dozens of options including plaid, stripes, chambray, sprinkles and lobsters. They come in small or large and you can add custom lettering to add that personal touch.

If you're bored of the standard leashes, collars and harness from big box pet stores, we recommend Toronto brand Hound. They have collections in leather, metallic, denim and waterproof jelly, as well as a hands-free design. Even though they're on the boujee side, they're still made for active dog and promise to be "stank-free" after your pup runs through lakes, fields and city streets.

Our last pick is the Alaskan Army Parka by Canada Pooch. It comes in ten sizes and three different colour combos so you're sure to find something that fits your dog's frame and vibe. With a water-resistant cotton canvas exterior and faux-down insulation, this jacket will keep your dog warm on cold winter days.


Scout the Sprinter

If your dog has a lot of energy, you already know that toys are an important part of an active lifestyle. You have to tire out that pup so that they don't run around your house with the zoomies. That's why we love the Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper as a gift for sprinters that love playing fetch. It's a brightly coloured foam and rubber bone-shaped toy with a knotted non-slip rope for easy throwing. We also like that it floats in water so it can be used in the summer months when your dog wants to cool off and splash around.

Our other picks are also from the brand Chuckit! For late night games of fetch, we recommend the Glow Ball that you charge under a bright light for a few seconds. It's easy to throw, easy to clean and the high quality photo luminescent material is safe for dogs. Then, for even cleaner hands, we like the Classic 26m Launcher. You can throw the ball way off into the distance and watch your sprinting dog make a mad dash to go get it. We like this gift for dog owners that live in the country where there's lots of empty space for pups to run around.


Trixie the Technology Pro

Modern pet parents know that a little bit of technology can greatly improve their dog's life (starting with discovering the perfect breed for your lifestyle on Pawzy). It can also be fun to see how your pup responds to a new gadget. The Furbo Dog Camera is the perfect fusion between something that helps you, and something that keeps your dog stimulated throughout the day. With the HD camera you can monitor your pet while you're out of the house, and then you can toss them a treat using your phone. We also love the barking sensor that helps keep tabs on the amount of noise your dog is making when you're not there.

The Petcube is another monitoring system but it allows you to speak directly to your pet with two-way audio. This can be helpful for calming down a dog with separation anxiety. You can also play with your pet using a built-in laser making it a great gift for cats as well.

If you're less interested in monitoring your pet but still want to comfort them with a human voice, the Pet Qwerks Babble Ball is our recommendation. When your pet touches it, or walks nearby, the ball talks and growls. It's also super durable and comes in three sizes which makes it great gifts for all dog breeds.


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