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Feb 12, 2021

The best cat subscription boxes in Canada for 2021

By Cassie Dixon
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With such a large selection of cat products available today, shopping for your feline friends can feel overwhelming. Subscription boxes take the burden off pet parents, and deliver curated healthy treats and entertaining toys right to your door. Not only are monthly subscriptions convenient, but your cat will learn to love the sound of the doorbell as they await their next box!

Here at Pawzy we've reviewed all the cat subscription boxes that ship within or to Canada, and narrowed things down to the list below with the best products and overall experience.

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CatLady Box

If you love cats, the CatLady box is made just for you. Not only will this box make your cat happy, but it also helps felines in need. A portion of each purchase is donated to a different cat rescue every month. This box is for both cats and cat moms/dads, with fun cat-themed t-shirts, home decor, accessories, and of course some toys for your playful cat. This is a great deal at an estimated value of $70 per box, especially with a unique and exciting theme each month. The CatLady box is definitely a pawsome experience!


Gus and Bella

The Gus and Bella box is full of tasty treats, entertaining toys, and other amazing products that are hand-selected for your cat. This subscription box can be customized for all of the fussy felines out there. The box includes treats for both cats and pet parents with some cat-themed self-care products, home decor, and even chocolate. Not only will this box make you and your cat happy, but it also supports local charities. One of the best parts of this box is that there is a new theme each month! Gus and Bella deliver happiness and convenience right to your doorstep.


Kaause Box

Looking for a fun, charitable way to please your cat? Look no further. The Kaause box donates part of their proceeds to Canadian Charities Single Moms in Progress and Guardians Best (animal rescues in Ontario and Quebec). Kaause is all about giving back. Each box purchased is a step forward to a happier life of a pet in need. Each box contains a handmade accessory, fun toys, and a special surprise. Every two months a new themed box will arrive at your door for your patient feline. The Kaause Box starts at $29.95 (valued at over $65). Your cat will be looking forward to each new box filled with delicious treats, fun toys, and a handmade accessory. 



The KitNip box isn’t just about fun, it’s a high-quality subscription box that is full of fun, healthy cat products. Their boxes contain all-natural treats and high-quality toys that will be sure to last. With the KitNipBox pet parents should only expect the best as they rigorously test and screen products. In fact, they usually feature less than 1% of the items that they evaluate.  Once you are subscribed to their cat family, the fun-filled box will be on its way to your doorstep. KitNipBox loves to give back as they support over 100 different animal welfare organizations worldwide! Each month, they donate some of their proceeds and products to various shelters and rescues to help those cats and kittens in need.


Meow Box

The Meow Box will definitely provide your cat with a paw-sitive experience. Each box is filled with fun toys and yummy treats. In the past goodies have included silvervine, catnip, crinkle, feathers, strings, and bells. All treats in the box are yummy and healthy, they are also made in the US or Canada. If your cat isn’t a treat person, they can get an extra toy instead! The toys in the meow box are hand-selected to best suit that month’s theme. To support small businesses, the Meow Box includes at least one hand-crafted or locally-made toy. Not only does Meow Box support small businesses, but with each box purchased, they will donate one can of food to cats in need. Not hooked yet? It is said that cats even enjoy the box that all their goodies come in. The rumor is that a magical kitty potion will make your cat fall completely in love with this box.


Meow Crates

Nothing is more important than giving your cat a voice. Meow Crates is a customized experience for your kitten. After answering a few questions about your cat some personal touches will be added to your subscription box. In fact, you can completely customize your own box. Each toy and treat are handpicked to suit your cat to ensure many fun-filled moments. This Canadian company understands that with the huge selection of pet products it can be difficult to decipher what is good for your cat. That is why they have made it their mission to enrich the lives of your cats by getting pet parents passionate about new products. 


Pampered Pet Box

The Pampered Pet Box is the purr-fect option to pamper your pet with goodies. The process begins by choosing a plan that best suits your pet. Then pet parents will answer some questions about their fur-baby so the best items are included in each box. In every box there is a curated selection of original toys, healthy treats, cute accessories, and a special bonus item! All treats are naturally sourced from the US or Canada to ensure that your cat is both happy and healthy. There is a new theme associated with the box each month. Not hooked yet? Pampered Pet Box is a subscription box like no other because every second month their shipping box transforms into a theme specific cat house!  


PETure Perfect

The PETure Perfect Box is made for proud pet parents. This unique box has hand-selected items, personalized with your cat’s image. The process will start by building a profile of you and your kitty to help make the purr-fect box of goodies. Then, pet parents pick the purr-fect picture of their cat to use for either the photo box or hand-drawn box. The PETure Perfect box includes some fun toys and treats for both you and your cat. From chewy treats to super decor, the PETure box has really got it all. This box was made to pamper your cat to show them how fur-tunate they are!


Pretty Litter

All cat parents know the pain of having to lug heavy bags of litter from the store to their house. All just so they can smell cat waste. All of these problems can be solved with Pretty Litter. Pretty Litter is an absorbent non-clumping litter that traps the odor and eliminates moisture, delivered to your door! Not only does this litter help with smell and heavy lifting, but it also changes colour to tell cat owners when their cat has a potential health issue. This allows pet parents to know if their cat has an issue before it gets too serious, resulting in costly vet bills. This vet-approved cat litter is absolutely the world’s smartest cat litter.



As seen in our dog subscription box article, RescueBox is a subscription box that doesn’t just treat your cat, it helps cats everywhere. Every time you get a box, RescueBox donates five pounds of food and two vaccinations to an animal shelter in need.  The boxes are competitively priced, starting at under $30 a month, and come with toys and treats. Month one is your introductory box, but in your second month, you start getting themed boxes.

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Tom&Sawyer provides healthy meals for your pet with expert advice from veterinarians, pet nutritionists, chefs, nutraceutical partners and farmers. This Canadian company ensures high quality meals and broths that will promote positive pet health. The process is super easy. Pet parents order online and will have broths, treats, and meals delivered to their door. Tom&Sawyer have numerous delivery options for customers living in the Greater Toronto area including in-store pick up, pick up at over 20+ Penguin Pick Up locations, and local delivery to your front door. Not from the Greater Toronto area? No problem, Tom&Sawyer also ship to customers. Made from safe ingredients Tom&Sawyer offer the purr-fect option for preventative nutrition for your feline.

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VetPet Box

VetPet Box is owned and operated by veterinarians, so you know you can trust the products you get each month. This subscription box is more about health and wellness than just cuteness and fun. The toys and treats included in each box have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure that they’re what your cat needs to be healthy and happy. Each month you’ll also receive educational materials promoting good health, as well as wellness products to help with things like dental care and arthritis. Prices range from $35-49 per box.


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