Sept 14, 2019

Top 10 medium-sized dogs

By Pawzy Team
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Medium-sized dogs are the best of both worlds. You get a pup that’s big enough to keep up with you on a jog, but not so big that they accidentally destroy your house! There’s a whole lot of breeds that qualify as medium-sized, but the love they bring to your family is anything but average.

Whether you’re a condo dweller in the big city or you’ve got a little place way in the boonies, chances are there’s a medium sized dog that fits your lifestyle. Like any dogs, medium-sized breeds need regular exercise, but as long as they get walks and trips to the dog park they’re totally adaptable to city life. If you love to jog or go on bike rides, a medium-sized dog is a perfect companion: They’re easy to lead on a leash, but not too small to keep up.

Another reason it’s easy to find a medium sized dog that fits your life is that there’s just so many of them! There’s more types of dogs this size than any other, so odds are there’s one out there for you.

Top 10 Medium Dog Breeds according to the American Kennel Club


1. Bulldogs

Nobody stands out from the pack quite like a Bulldog. With their cute droopy faces and wide muscular bodies, no one’s going to mistake your Bulldog for anything else. It’s ironic that they’re a symbol of toughness and fighting spirit, because it’s hard to find a more loving and playful breed. Bulldogs laidback nature and easy groomability make them great for apartment life. 


2. Poodles

Poodles have a bit of a reputation for being high maintenance show dogs, but don’t buy into that myth. Their coats may need a little extra grooming, but they can be kept short and easy to brush, plus they shed very little. It’s not just about looks, Poodles are incredibly smart, loyal and easy to train. Not just for show, they can be just as much of a rough and tumble playmate as any other medium-sized breed. 

German Shorthaired Pointer

3. German Shorthaired Pointers

Meet your cool new exercise buddy, the German Shorthaired Pointer. They really are as athletic as they look, so get ready for long runs and trips to the dog park. GSPs were bred to be hunting dogs, so being great companions and loving the outdoors are deep in their DNA. They’re an easy-to-train pet for a family on the go.

Siberian Husky

4. Siberian Huskies

Originally bred as sled dogs, Siberian Huskies just might be a great addition to your pack. Their high energy and independent spirit don’t make them a great fit for city dwellers, but if you have the space to run around and the patience to train them, Siberian Huskies are a truly remarkable breed. They’re beautiful, smart, friendly, loving, easy to groom and all around fun companions.

Australian Shepherd

5. Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are tough, alert and hard-working canine companions. This breed is not suitable for an idle lifestyle. They have tons of energy and focus. Australian Shepherds are at their best when they have a purpose, and are always eager to learn new skills. Their keen work ethic makes them ideal dogs on farms or homes with lots of space to roam. They are also wonderful service companions and are often used for positions in drug detection, therapy and search and rescue. 


6. Brittanys

Named for the region of Northern France, Brittanys have a bold looking orange and white coat but a gentle personality. They’re easy going and friendly with people and other animals. Brittanys are a sporting breed and that means they need exercise, so get them out of the house for some run around time and they’ll come home happy and ready to chill with you. If you want a great looking easygoing pet that loves to have fun, don’t leave this Brittany alone!

English Springer Spaniel

7. English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels live for the hunt. Originally bred to spend days out in the field, they are active and alert, and what some would call the textbook sporting dog. Owners love them because they are easy to train. They live to please their humans, as they were originally bred to work closely with others. That’s why they’re also great with children and other pets—they crave constant companionship since they dread being left alone. English Springers love a long walk, retrieving balls and swimming on a hot day. 


8. Vizslas

We hope you’re looking for a new best friend, because Vizslas are so affectionate that they’ve earned the nickname “Velcro Vizsla”. They’re never happier than when they’re by your side and want nothing more than follow you around all day and curl up at the foot of your bed at night. They’re easy to groom, easy to train and most importantly, easy to love.

Miniature American Shepherd Puppy

9. Miniature American Shepherds

With personality to spare and a beautiful two coloured coat, Miniature American Shepherds are mini in name only. They are certainly active and love to play, but their gentle nature and easy trainability makes them a good fit for a city dweller. Miniature American Shepherds are easy to groom, so you’ll be spending less time brushing and more time playing fetch!

Border Collie

10. Border Collies

A mix of brains and beauty, the highly intelligent Border Collie has it all. They’re the most intelligent breed you can get, and bred to be the ultimate sheepdog. In fact, they’re still used to herd livestock to this day, but don’t worry: They’ll be just as happy spending quality time with your flock.

Hypoallergenic Medium Dog Breeds

Although there’s no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog breed, some dogs tend to evoke less allergic reactions for sensitive people. If you are allergic to dogs, but still want to adopt a pup, look into low-shedding options. Other tips for people with allergies include keeping your dog out of your bedroom, bathing your dog regularly, choosing carpet-free flooring and use air purifiers/vent filters to reduce airborne allergens.

Some medium size breeds that fit that bill include:

Medium family dogs

When you’re selecting the right breed, it’s important to consider your whole family. Do you need an easy-going dog that can deal with pokes and prods from younger children? Are there lots of people coming and out of your house to keep an energetic dog entertained? Not every breed is good for every situation and you should make sure a breed’s temperament and behavioural qualities align with your lifestyle. 

Medium-sized dogs are great for playing with kids because they are big enough to not feel threatened by children, but they aren’t too strong for their own goods. It’s no surprise that many of the best family dog breeds are medium-sized.

All of the medium dog breeds listed in the Top 10 above are kid- and family-friendly, with the exception of Border Collies. 


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