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Dec 9, 2019

Boss B*tch: Float or Flounder's Samantha Lloyd & her dogs

By Pawzy Team
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Boss B*tch is a series featuring female entrepreneurs and their dogs. We're celebrating their accomplishments, and the dogs that keep them company along the way.

In May 2019, Samantha Lloyd launched the podcast Float or Flounder with her partner Lisen Kaci to feature "the greatest and latest Toronto founders and entrepreneurs across all markets and niches." In fact, you can listen to the episode featuring Pawzy's CEO Kerri-Lynn McAllister here. It's a project that highlights success stories, learning lessons, obstacles, challenges and everything else that founders face as they work to turn their dreams into a reality. Samantha is now going through these experiences of her own with their tech startup, Metaranx.

At her side, are two rescue chihuahuas named Edgar and Ellie. Samantha told us about the joys of a rescue dog, getting a small dog for city apartment living and why two dogs are better than one.

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Photos by Butterfly Kisses Photography

Hi Samantha! Tell us about your dogs...

I have two dogs, both Chihuahua mixes, named Edgar and Ellie. Edgar is three years old, super feisty, sassy and way too smart for his own good. Ellie is bigger, she's the tallest chihuahua we've ever seen. She's so loving and adorable and sweet. She likes every single person and if we got robbed, she'd probably just kiss the person who broke in.

How do you manage a busy work life with caring for two dogs?

It can be a lot, but having a "work from home" policy makes way easier. My partner is a developer who also works from home. The dogs love snuggling up to us while we're working — occasionally stepping on the keyboard.

Where did you get your dogs?

Edgar and Ellie are from Texas Chihuahua Rescue. I would recommend that organization to anyone. For our wedding, we asked people to donate to them.

Why did you decide on a rescue dog?

When we were looking for a dog, we knew right away that we wanted to adopt from a shelter. Our search started in Toronto, and we were looking for a smaller dog because we live in a condo. It's a good thing, but we couldn't find many small dogs in Toronto shelters. They tend to be higher demand in the city. So we did more research and saw that the U.S. has an overpopulation problem with small dogs. There's some scary information about the mistreatment of dogs in the South. There's also less of a spay and neuter culture which leads to a lot of puppies without homes.

We stumbled across Texas Chihuahua Rescue and did more research to make sure it was legitimate. Then we donated funds to cover the Edgar's medical costs and then we picked him up in Buffalo. If the dog is under eight months, you have to pick them up from the States. If they're over eight months, they can be imported to Canada.

There's also a screening process to make sure that you're suitable as a dog owner. They do Skype calls to see the condition of your home, interviews, emails with a list of things you'll need for your new dog.

Why did you make the decision to get a second dog?

It was about a year later, when Edgar first stepped in snow. He fully screamed. He hated going outside, just peed and then ran right back inside. He was sighing a lot and really seemed like he needed a friend. We're open to having as many dogs as possible, so we decided to rescue a second chihuahua. We watched the Texas Chihuahua Rescue website for a dog that seemed compatible with Edgar. As soon as Edgar met Ellie, they were instantly running around the hallway. They love each other.

Would you recommend getting a chihuahua?

Chihuahuas can have a negative reputation of being yappy or difficult to train because they're attached to only one person — but we've experienced the exact opposite. They're lovely. They're small and hilarious, running around with so much energy. They have so much love for everyone they meet. If you live in the city with limited space, they're a great option. Winter is a challenge though. They really hate the winter, which is more than fair!

Listen to Float or Flounder Podcast here


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