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Sept 27, 2019

Survey: 95% of Canadians consider pets family

By Pawzy Team
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If you consider yourself a “pet parent,” you’re not alone. Pawzy’s latest survey, conducted in partnership with element54 and Maru/Blue, revealed that 95% of Canadians consider their pets part of the family. The percentage is even higher (99%) for households without children. Dogs, cats and other creatures have worked their way into our hearts, homes, and let’s be honest, wallets. In fact, Canadians spend over $8 billion on their pets every year. That’s why Pawzy is dedicated to connecting dedicated pet parents with the advice and resources they need to make informed decisions about their animal’s well being. But which Canadians love their pets the most? The answer might surprise you — keep reading to find out!


Alberta ranks highest for pet ownership

Canada is generally a pet-friendly country with 57% of households owning a dog, cat or other pet. According to our survey, more pets can be found in Alberta than any other province (63%). However, Atlantic Canadians are the most attached to their pets and 100% said they consider them furry additions to the family.

Pet Ownership by Province Chart

Only 11% of Canadians own a dog and a cat

Are you a dog person or a cat person? It turns out that the split between these two types is fairly even at 20% and 22%, respectively. If your answer is “both” then you might fall into smaller category of 11% of households that own both a dog and a cat.

Pet Ownership by Type Chart

More money, more pets

From vet bills to food, every pet parent knows that owning an animal isn’t cheap. According to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the annual average cost of owning a dog is $3,235, or $32,814 over its lifetime. Households making $100K+ income are more flexible when it comes to animal expenses and are more likely to own a dog than the average Canadian. Our survey found that pet ownership increases as household income increases — <$50K (48%), $50-$100K (59%), $100K+ (71%).

Pet Ownership by Income Chart

54% of women and Millennials treat their pets like children

It should come as no surprise that households without kids are both more likely to own pets (72% vs. 51% with kids), and more likely to consider them part of the family (99%). Taking things a step further, 54% of women and Millennials said their pet is loved and treated like a child. The number of people who would call themselves “pet parents” has increased with every generation — Boomers (44%), Gen X (47%), Millennials (54%). Will Gen Z continue the trend?

Pets as Children Chart

41% of pets sleep in a human bed

Just in case you need more evidence that modern pet owners love their animals, 41% admitted to cuddling up in bed. Thirty-six per cent of pets sleep in their owner’s bed and 5% sleep in a child’s bed. Only 6% of pets sleep in an indoor crate and 3% sleep outside.

Pets at Sleep Chart

Pawzy surveyed 1,506 Canadians in partnership with element54 and Mara/Blue. element54 is an innovative marketing research company that works with leading brands to explore markets, test strategies, concepts and products and evaluate marketing communications to drive business growth. Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for agencies, brands and market research firms.


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