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Samoyed Overview

With a double-layer coat as white and thick as the Siberian snow, the Samoyed breed is both beautiful and adaptable for the great outdoors. Plus, if you're having a bad day, a Sammy is sure to cheer you up. It's hard to miss their most delightful feature, the black lips that curve upward to smile. Resembling a friendly and happy polar bear, this gorgeous breed is a true buddy with rare beauty. The Sammy is a working dog bred to hunt, haul sledges, and herd reindeer. As a natural worker, they can be strong-willed, but above all they're sweet, gentle and make devoted family dogs. They often dote on a special someone in the family, but they’re affectionate with the entire pack. Happiest when surrounded with people, this isn't a breed that should be alone for long. The Sammy has a great deal of energy and needs lots of activity to burn it out so that it doesn't become destructive. The Sammy will voice its likes and dislikes with you, as it's a very vocal talker! They bellow, howl, bark, and if you're lucky, sing. Dog lovers all over the world appreciate their ultra-thick white fur. As gorgeous as it is, it takes some effort to keep kempt. Owners must dedicate some serious time to brush the coat, making sure that it doesn't tangle and mat. They also shed, a lot. Most importantly, this breed is good-natured with a glass half-full attitude towards life and their loved ones. After a long day, you'll be sure to come home to a smiling Sammy with lots and lots of licks for you.

Did you know?

Samoyeds shed so much fur that indigenous Siberian peoples spun the excess into yarn to make warm clothes.

Samoyed Stats

  • Kid-Friendly Kid-Friendly

  • Good with other animals Good with other animals

  • Service dog Service dog

  • Working dog Working dog

Popularity ranking**
19-23.5 in / 35-65 lbs (M)
Average lifespan
12-14 years
Activity level
Vocal and protective
Barking level
Vocal and protective
Coat length

Caring for your breed

Daily serving

Daily kibble serving

3-5 cups

Daily exercise

Daily exercise

2 hours


Grooming frequency

Brushed regularly

Dog Food

Feeding your Samoyed

The recommended daily amount of food for a Samoyed is 3-4 cups, but this varies on age and activity. As a puppy, your Sammy can eat three meals per day, but as they mature decrease to two. They do best on premium kibble and aren't usually picky eaters. Food that is high in animal protein is always a good choice. Keeping calories and protein/fat percentages moderate will help your Sammy from getting obese.


*Contrary to popular belief, there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs. There are breeds, however, that have non-shedding coats and are suited well to allergy sufferers.
**The breed popularity ranking is based on the most current ranking of the American Kennel Club (AKC)

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