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Brittany Overview

Brittanys are the ultimate athletic, outdoorsy breed—happy, upbeat and eager-to-please. In terms of looks, they are good-looking, medium-sized dogs with cute, soft faces and bold white and orange or white and liver-coloured coats, often with bold spots. As a dual-purpose dog breed, these dogs will work hard for their owners, whether as a companion for hunting or for field eventing.

Bred by the peasantry in Northern France in the 17th century, these dogs are a mixture between a spaniel and a pointer, making excellent and versatile bird hunters with both pointing and retrieving abilities. But they’re not just a working dog! As pets, Brittanys are a friendly, fun and gentle family dog, who are great around kids, strangers and other animals. They just want to have a good time and make sure everyone else is too. They are just as happy to join their humans on swims and hikes as they are to get a nice pat or treat, and are extremely easy to train. However, because of their high energy, Brittanys need a family that are willing to indulge them, giving them adequate daily exercise, as when they’re bored, they can be destructive. So if you get a Brittany, make sure you have a big backyard! 

Did you know?

You’ll find Brittanys in lots of 17th century paintings by French, Flemish and Dutch artists—classic beauties!

Brittany Stats

  • Kid-Friendly Kid-Friendly

  • Good with other animals Good with other animals

  • Intelligent Intelligent

  • Easy to train Easy to train

Popularity ranking**
17.5-20.5 in / 30-40 lbs (M)
Average lifespan
12-14 years
Activity level
When necessary
Barking level
When necessary
Coat length

Caring for your breed

Daily serving

Daily kibble serving

3-4 cups

Daily exercise

Daily exercise

1-2 hours


Grooming frequency

Brushed 1-2 times weekly

Dog Food

Feeding your Brittany

To keep your Brittany healthy, feed them high-quality dog food with high-quality protein to fuel their high energy. They are not fussy dogs and will eat what they’re given. If your dog has thyroid issues, you’ll also want to find soy-free options. Adult Brittanys eat between three and four cups of food every day, as they burn a lot of calories on a day-to-day basis. 


*Contrary to popular belief, there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs. There are breeds, however, that have non-shedding coats and are suited well to allergy sufferers.
**The breed popularity ranking is based on the most current ranking of the American Kennel Club (AKC)

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