Airedale Terrier

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Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier Overview

This regal pup isn’t nicknamed “The King of Terriers” for nothing! As the largest terrier, the Airedale is a true British working man’s dog, bred in Northern England at the turn-of-the-century. And they’re memorable too: Airedale Terriers are friendly, clever, and goofy, with a wiry, brown and black mane and their signature beard and moustache. As one of the dog world’s most versatile breeds—great as hunters, athletes, and companions—they love adventures in the outdoors that stimulate them physically and mentally.

They make great family dogs, and are loyal and alert; like most terriers, Airedale Terriers can have a tendency to bark, as they are stubborn and noble protectors of their homes against strangers. For those that they’re familiar with, including kids, Airedale Terriers are more docile and patient, making surprisingly good babysitters. They like to be the head dog, so are best in homes with other dogs that are smaller than them. Sounds like a king to us!

Did you know?

Airedale Terriers served in World War I as carriers and seekers of wounded soldiers for the Red Cross, and as messengers to communicate with soldiers behind enemy lines.

Airedale Terrier Stats

  • Kid-Friendly Kid-Friendly

  • Good with other animals Good with other animals

  • Intelligent Intelligent

  • Easy to train Easy to train

Popularity ranking**
22-24 in / 50-70 lbs (M)
Average lifespan
11-14 years
Activity level
Vocal and protective
Barking level
Vocal and protective
Coat length

Caring for your breed

Daily serving

Daily kibble serving

3-4 cups

Daily exercise

Daily exercise

2 hours


Grooming frequency

Brushed Regularly

Dog Food

Feeding your Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers need food with high quality protein to keep up with their active lifestyle. Try to avoid food with artificial sweeteners, flavours or colouring. If your dog has thyroid issues, you’ll also want to find soy-free options. Adults eat three or four cups of food every day, depending on how many calories they burn. Airedale Terriers can be prone to gaining weight so watch how much you’re feeding yours. Dogs should always have fresh drinking water available to them. 


*Contrary to popular belief, there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs. There are breeds, however, that have non-shedding coats and are suited well to allergy sufferers.
**The breed popularity ranking is based on the most current ranking of the American Kennel Club (AKC)

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