Sept 18, 2020

Interview with Pet Psychic Angel Morgan

By Pawzy Team
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There are many reasons why we might be interested in a pet psychic. Maybe we want to connect with a beloved pet who passed away, or maybe we simply want to know how our pet is doing. It might also be a fun gift for our favourite pet-obsessed friend. Even if you're not a total believer, there's something about pet psychics that piques our interest.

To find out more about pet psychics, we spoke to leading animal communicator Angel Morgan. She's built a prolific career helping pet parents spiritually connect to their furry pals and contributes to a monthly program on Newstalk 1010. We found out how she discovered this gift, what animals think about it, and how we can channel our own intuition.

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What exactly is a pet psychic?

A pet psychic is someone who can connect with animals on more levels than just physical. That's the simple definition. We can speak to an animal on the heart level. Some people think it's telepathy, but it's not. Telepathy is a mind-to-mind connection. This is a heart-to-heart connection.

How do sessions work?

Instead of charging per animal, I charge per session. If you have more than one pet, I'll tap into all the animal spirits around you. Because price is an issue for some people, I also offer a weekly show on my Facebook page where people can ask questions live. I really want to make sure this service is available to everyone.

Can anyone learn to be a pet psychic?

Anyone can communicate with animals. In fact, we do it all the time. We just don't necessarily do it in awareness. My speciality to helping people become aware that we're all intuitive and we can all do this. Many pet owners who are emotionally connected to their animals have had the experience of thinking something and seeing a response in their animal.

When did you discover that you had a gift for communicating with animals?

Many people are surprised to hear that I was a non-believer. Then, while I was in Guatemala, a medicine man told me that I was going to talk to animals and make a difference. I thought he was crazy. When I came back to Canada, I went to a healing facility and I signed up for courses in binders, but wasn't paying too much attention. A week later I got an email saying, 'Don't forget about the animal communicator course.' I wasn't going to go, but a friend dragged me there, and by the end of the weekend, I was convinced.

What are the most popular reasons why people contact you for a reading?

There are three main reasons. The first is that people want to know if their pets are feeling okay. Are they happy? Then, people want to know about their health. Lastly, there are grieving sessions to help animals crossover. I feel so honoured to do that type of work. I go with people to the vet, or go to their home if the vet is doing a home visit, to help the animal process and make them more comfortable. Then, I let the owner know how the transition went and how the animal is doing in their new state.

How have you seen animals react to COVID-19?

When dogs weren't going to parks anymore, they thought they had done something wrong. I needed to explain to them that they weren't bad and everything was okay. Now that things have opened back up, animals are getting depressed because they're left alone again. Helping them adjust has been important.

What should people know before reaching out to an animal communicator?

If you feel the need to reach out, don't think that you're crazy. The reality is that every little bit helps. Exploring that layer is okay. But also understand that you are intuitive too. You can sit there, close your eyes, call in your animal and talk to them just as readily as I can.

And lastly, how do animals feel about connecting with a psychic?

They love it — some of them freak out because they haven't been heard in that way before. It's a really cool process when I'm walking down the street and an animal starts talking to me, and realizes that I can hear them. But I'm not the Theresa Caputo of animals. I let them come to me if they have something to say that's important.

Find out more about Angel Morgan on her website here.


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