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Feb 24, 2020

19 Canadian dogs to follow on Instagram

By Pawzy Team
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Need more cute on your timeline? These Instagram-famous dogs from Canada will do the trick (and some literally do tricks). You can see your favourite dog breeds in action and every knows we have better fashion in the north. If your dog budget goes up after scrolling through these top accounts, don't say that you weren't warned! While you're at it, make sure to follow us at @Pawzyco for glamour shots and jokes only pet parents will get. Tag us #pawzyposse to show us your pup!


1. Iggy Joey


This Italian Greyhound is a "legit working dog model" out and about in Toronto. You can also follow Joey's sister Anna Banana who is a Korean dog meat survivor.


2. Bacon


This Miniature Schnauzer is not afraid of a bold print. Word on the street is that many of Bacon's styles come from Barks First Avenue.


3. Kimchi


This fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi is truly the Beyonce of Corgis. If you're in Toronto, you'll probably see her smiling face at the park or beach and have a full fan moment.


4. Starsky


Hailing from Vancouver, Starsky is Golden Retriever with a full-time "dog momager." Whether he's relaxing in a Whistler hotel or running on the beaches of Tofino, Starsky is undoubtedly living that west coast best coast life.


5. Teddy


Teddy, the real life teddy bear, is a Miniature Poodle that's living is best life. If you're looking for treat recommendations, he's got plenty of those too.


6. Edgar & Pacane


It's not secret that we love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels at Pawzy — follow our CEO's cavaliers at @kennedythecav and @kingstonatwork! These two pups are rep for Québec City and boast Grand Champion bloodline. They also have their own clothing line, does it get any fancier?


7. Mary-Kate Fallis


This Chihuahua is literally a meme. Mary-Kate Fallis posts such relatable content you'll forget she's a dog.

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8. Joey Tribbiani


How you doin'? Named after everyone's favourite friend Joey Tribbiani, this female Siberian Husky will inspire you to get outside. When she's not exploring Northern Ontario, Joey is posing for her dog mom who works as an underwater photographer.

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9. Violet


Violet is a pure breed French Bulldog, but her family thinks she might be part panda and part pig. She definitely lives a life of luxury with minimalist interiors and outdoor adventures.

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10. Winston


Here's another French Bulldog to grace your timeline, but more in the "nugget/loaf" category. There's just something about Winston's face that brightens up our day and reminds us that it's okay to cuddle up and lounge.

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11. Tika


We love Tika so much that we interviewed her dog dad to get the inside scoop. This Italian Greyhound is really taking the world by storm and her posts are full of iggy charm.

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12. Quinn


Fan of Boxers? Us too. Quinn reps for the breed whether she's in a costume or hanging out on white furniture that somehow stays white.

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13. Helmut Newton


If there's a competition for which dog runs the 6ix, Helmut is definitely leading the pack. This Pug proves that little dogs can do anything, and look good doing it.

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14. Nacho Cilantro Pasutto & Peaches Pasutto

@nachocilantro & @peachespasutto

There's some serious star power between Nacho, Peaches and their dog mom Jillian Harris. The two Boxers were adopted through rescue organizations and we can safely say that they've had a glow up.

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15. Beth Quill Leia


Hanging out in Banff, Alberta, this Border Collie pup loves a hike. Fun fact: he's the spawn of a show-winning Border Collie named Ego.

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16. Kobe & Dente


These Shiba Inus hail from Canada but they've recently become European travellers. Hey, if you can't travel, see the world through some jet-setting dogs, right?

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17. Toast


Look at that face! Toast is a mix between Miniature Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and Miniature Poodle from the Halton Hills breeders. It's definitely a blend that made one super photogenic pup.

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18. Bucky


Samoyeds are known for their beautiful thick, white fur and Bucky is no exception. It helps to keep him warm as he explores the forests around Montreal.

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19. Mr. Strawberry


Also known as "Barry the Aussie," this Australian Shepherd is a true brand ambassador. He shows off his Woof Packs treats and still makes time to chase sticks around Ottawa.


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